Once Around the Sun

Erich Roden and Ray McCormack

Ray and I have just completed an orbit around the Sun and this serves as a fitting metaphor for this new project that we are introducing. Most think that it takes 365 days to orbit the Sun, but that’s not entirely correct – It actually takes 365.25 days. This leaves six whole hours that we just let slip by in our daily lives, each year. Ray and I are going to use this extra (six hours) of our lives to get back to our roots of discussing fires and providing an outlet for fire service journalism. There are a lot of people in our industry and lives that are extremely creative, critical thinkers, and we’ve all seemed to have a lost a place for them – until now.

Welcome to Pushing Fire

Pushing Fire is the genesis of an entirely new place to find not just journalism, but all things content, expertise, academics and research in the fire service. We won’t refer to Pushing Fire as a “website” or “magazine,” rather, we prefer to call this a project, as we hope to see what organically grows out of it. We will look to you for suggestions on topics to discuss, people to interview, and things about fires and firefighting that you want to know more about. We are up for almost anything, and hope that you are too. As always, we appreciate the support that everyone has given us over the years, to allow us to do things a bit differently, again. That support and our desire to keep trying to do it better, lead us to start another project. We are excited to get started, so come join us as we take one more trip around the Sun.

3 thoughts on “Once Around the Sun

  1. Glad to see both of you back together again. There is hope in this planet for us nozzleheads! Welcome back Ray and Erich!


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